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From Invisible to Invincible: Non-Techie Guide to Online Dominance

SEO Webinar for Dotty’s Clients and Business Associates.

  • Are you getting LEADS from your website?
  • Can people FIND you online?
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  • Do you want SIMPLE strategies for SEO?
  • Learn tips and tricks YOU can do to get seen on Google. 
  • Stop chasing potential clients – learn to Make them COME TO YOU!
  • Get prospects CALLING YOU!
  • Grow your business WHILE helping teen girls escape the sex-slave industry.

My SEO Mentor has agreed to provide a PRIVATE webinar for all my clients or business associates who donate to help end child slavery and the sex trade.

These will be actionable tips that YOU can do to enhance your online presence. Many of you have already benefited from the tips I share with you. This is the person from whom I get my information. I highly trust him. He does not usually offer private webinars. The webinar will be recorded and provided to people who donate to save the girls.

This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity!

When: April 10th, 2024 @ 1:30 PM Pacific, 4:30 PM Eastern

What: 1-hour educational webinar with Q&A time. NO SELLING!

Cost: Your Donation which can be written off as Education (ask your tax accountant)

Donations start at $25.

BONUS: For anyone who donates $500, you will get a private session with Dotty!

If you donate $750 you will get a private, hour session with Marco!

This webinar will be RECORDED, and the REPLAY will be available.

Every dollar you donate allows us to get closer to getting another child away from modern-day slavery and sexual exploitation!


Help stop modern-day slavery. Help stop the sexual exploitation of children. By giving, you help children.

Dotty and her mentor, Marco, help you by bringing you what’s currently working in SEO. We help you as a way of thanking you for helping others.

Your donation today gives young girls hope and helps keep them on their way to becoming productive members of society. You can protect the lives of young girls as well as their futures.

There are thousands of children not only in Costa Rica but worldwide who need something or someone to believe in, a special something, or someone who will provide the hope and help they need to continue on their way to becoming who they’ve dreamed of becoming.



This is an organization dedicated to helping save young girls from a life of violence, a life of physical and sexual abuse, and modern-day sexual slavery. Make a difference.

What is Hogar Siembra?

Hogar Siembra is a private protection alternative for adolescent women at social risk in Alajuela, Costa Rica. It works under specialized care of sexual abuse model, construction of the life project, transition to independence and companionship as they transition into productive adults.

It currently serves 43 young women between the ages of 12 and 18, 78% of whom have been victims of sexual abuse, 87% lived in extreme poverty, and 40% suffered domestic violence. All have been legally declared in a state of abandonment.

Thirty-eight years have passed since a group of people highly committed to Costa Rican society decided to build this space to transform the lives of young women at social risk through empowerment, education, and work training.

Since its founding in 1983, hundreds of girls have benefited from this successful program, which continues to evolve and impact the lives of young girls.

Hogar Siembra bases its principles on all laws, conventions, and declarations related to childhood and adolescence, known as the Convention on the Rights of Children, promoted by UNICEF and PANI (Costa Rica’s National Children’s Board).

In this organization, young women under 18 are considered “social entities with full rights and responsibilities corresponding to progressive autonomy, and they are national development participants in all areas as an integral part of society and not a subset of it.”


To provide minors who, due to their particular situation, have become wards of the State and given an alternative of specialized care that guides them in the processes of building a life project focused on their empowerment, capacity development, progressive autonomy, self-sufficiency, and employability; and the process of preparing them for their transition to independent living.


To Provide a transitional home to adolescent girls and young women at high social risk, victims of abuse, abandonment, and violence, providing care, comprehensive training, and the necessary tools to build a healthy, independent, and responsible life project.


To be the best non-governmental alternative in Costa Rica, offering girls and adolescents at social risk an opportunity to discover, develop, and maximize their potential in such a way that they can achieve their reintegration into society as responsible citizens, free of vicious cycles of abuse, violence and drugs.

The comprehensive care program includes:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Health Care
  • Psychological care
  • Academic education
  • Technical education
  • Vocational orientation
  • Labor insertion
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Culture
  • Values
  • Financing

Hogar Siembra works with a hybrid collection model, where 64% of the operating revenue comes from the Costa Rican government and 36% from contributions and funding activities.

The cost of the project per girl per year is over $14,000. This means that Hogar Siembra has to collect donations of more than $5,040 per girl/young lady per year. You can make a difference today through your contribution.