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Nancy Matthews, Womens Prosperity Network

“Dotty has a gift of taking the overwhelm and confusion out of online marketing so that anyone can implement strategies to increase their exposure and effectiveness. If you’re looking for a speaker to wow your audience with her knowledge, generous spirit, and practical advice, Dotty is it! She is a fan favorite in our community, and we love bringing her to our stage often as she keeps us all up-to-date on current trends and changes in the rapidly changing online marketplace.”

Nancy Matthews, Co-Founder, Women’s Prosperity Network
Trish Carr, Co-Owner of Womens Prosperity Network

“Dotty has the unique ability to explain technical information so that it’s understandable and doable. Not only does she have technical wizardry, but she also has magical marketing powers. It’s why our audience asks for her to come back repeatedly. Every time she does, she brings new, relevant, leading-edge info that makes a difference for everyone in the room.”

Trish Carr, Co-Founder of Womens Prosperity Network
Camille Leon, Fonder The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

“Dotty Scott rocks! She brings expertise, experience, and high energy to your audience so they will be inspired AND have takeaways that can be used today. Dotty is the best if you’re looking for a speaker who shares practical advice and enthusiasm for the topic! She is popular with our members and overall audience, and we love having her on our stage to keep us all on top of our game.”

Camille Leon, Founder, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce 
Darielle Archer

“Listening to Dotty’s speech on creating social media videos was excellent. As a non-techy person, it gave me clear, easy-to-follow steps. She used a share screen to show how to crop or add titles and how to use Canva. She provided plenty of resources in a relaxed presentation, with authenticity.”

Darielle Archer, CEO Energy First Aid
Laura Barker, Barker Business Solutions

“I cannot say enough about Dotty’s expertise and the value she provides! I always come away with action items that I am capable of implementing!”

Laura Barker, JD ~ Barker Business Solutions, LLC
Mary Jane Charles, Business Owner

“Dotty tells a story as she speaks. I have listened to several of her presentations and learned something new every time. She inspires me to keep moving forward!”

Mary Jane Charles, Business Owner
Julie Murray, CHt

“Dotty gives out useful information to her audience.  She is wonderful to listen to and very authentic.  I really appreciated the time and depth she went to for the webinar I attended.  I recommend her to anyone who needs her services.”

Julie  Murray, CHt
Becky Tengwall, I Take The Lead

“I’m still learning to put my videos together and having a blast! Dotty did an excellent job providing all the tools we need to build short, attractive marketing videos for social media.
Thanks, Dotty!”

Becky Tengwall, CEO I Take The Lead
Dianne Mandan, Business Owner

“Overwhelmed with social media or WordPress? That described me until I found Dotty. In just a few short minutes, she gave me several tips to help get things under control. Dotty is tech-savvy, creative, talented, efficient, and easy to work with. I recommend her presentations to all who need assistance managing technology & social media.”

Dianne Mandan, Business Owner
Paula Prieur, Business Owner

“Dotty ROCKS! If you haven’t taken advantage of the various webinars Dotty leads, you are definitely missing out! Do yourself a favor and tap into Dotty’s wisdom!”

Paula Prieur, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant