Your Amazing Itty Bitty™ WPN Experts Compilation Book


Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) Business Experts Compilation Book

15 WPN Business Professionals Share Fundamental Information on Areas of Their Expertise

In this amazing Itty Bitty™ book 15 WPN experts provide you with essential information about:

  • P.K. Odle – Success is Your Birthright
  • Mary Amour – Your Life is Meant to Work
  • Anna M Brooks – Too Many Hats, Not Enough Time
  • Tanisha Gaskin-Christie – Put Your Best Face Forward
  • PeggyLee Hanson – Writing Made Easy
  • Anne Fay Heisinger – Best Characteristics-Top Career Women
  • Debby Montgomery Johnson – A Capsule of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
  • Margret E. Leslie – Ancient Practices to Thrive
  • Dr. Ynge Ljung – Finding Your Lost Child
  • Ying Lo – Pick Your Yeses
  • Sharon F. Massaadi – Creating and Maintaining Positive Habits
  • Carol Pilkington – Completing Cycles of Action
  • Claudia Rocafort – Conscious Communication
  • Dotty Scott – The Secret to the Perfect Website
  • Shari Sternberger – Overcoming Anxiety and Overwhelm

If you are interested in learning more about these beneficial topics pick up a copy of this Itty Bitty™ book today; meet our authors and expand your knowledge.

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